To a Friend

Would it comfort you
to know that I too
have explored every surface
of my aching heart?

My own grief has textured it
with a rare and beautiful veracity
I have come to cherish and accept.
It is as solid
as the rough and furrowed
bark of an oak tree;
as sharp
as the thorns of a raspberry cane; and
as constant
as a morning star.

In time, my sorrow became as soothing
as a steady summer rain
and as reassuring
as the sound of crows
calling in the distance.

Though I cannot
protect you from your heartache,
my dear friend,
I can bear witness to
its unique and excruciating truth.
And together we can
let the warm rain
drip off our naked skin
as we dance
to the calling of the crows.

May these words bring truth
and healing through open hands and hearts.
And then, let it flow back into our Mother Earth
for the love of all her beings.

Photo: Diane Perazzo


  1. Heartbreakingly beautiful, Diane! And it describes what you do for me perfectly. Many thanks!



  2. This is so incredibly beautiful, you touch my soul every single time without fail. Blessings to you, my deep and profound friend!

  3. That is gorgeous Diane! It touched and named a part of my soul that I could never articulate as beautifully as you just did. Its ‘rough and furrowed bark’. Thanks!

  4. “I have explored every surface of my aching heart” I was stoped reading those words! Was held in the aching tenderness of the power grief.
    An exquisite poem giving voice to heartbreak, love, friendship and the vast ocean of grief which can be rough and swallowing or calm and peaceful. Diane, you truly enrich my life. Thank you!

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