For my Grandson

Top left: Margaret and June (Saint John, 1949); Top right: Colin and Cam (Toronto, 1995); Bottom left: Mike, Kendal, Evan and Elyse (Vancouver, 2005); Bottom right: John, June, Doug and Diane (Stanley, New Brunswick (1960)

This section of the website is a work in progress. It offers family photos, stories and personal recollections about my parents, grandparents and other ancestors that I hope will someday be of interest to my grandson.

The brave one, my grandfather: Douglas Eastham November 25, 1908 – February 24, 1944. Click here to read more and see a gallery of images and here to read his letters to his wife Margaret during World War II.

Douglas Eastham (far left) in England 1943 with the crew of the Lancaster Bomber he flew with.

The graceful one, my mother: Margaret June Eastham Farmer June 2, 1936 – December 13, 2001. Click here to read more and see a gallery of images.

The deep and determined one, my father: John Franklin Farmer August 4, 1926 – February 5, 2018

John with his mother Ruth, Woodstock New Brunswick, c1930
John with Diane, Fredericton New Brunswick 1958
John with Michael and Diane, Werl Germany 1964

The dutiful one, my maternal great grandmother, Freda Clarke Britton November 22, 1889 – 1978?