Writing for Witches 2023/24 Sessions: Writing at the Cross Quarters

Claim your unique voice as a Witch in this world by tapping into the energies of the seasonal Cross Quarter Celebrations.

Sophia Bonnie Wodin and I will be offering sessions from our popular six-week “Writing for Witches” course which will take place Sunday afternoons before and after each Cross Quarter Celebration.  We have designed the curriculum specifically for people who wish to write both as Witches and for Witches.  

Each class will offer a combination of didactic instruction, skill development and deep journeying to inspire seasonal creativity and bring us face to face with our willingness to write original material for ourselves, our communities and the health of Mother Earth.

There is so much we could have covered, but we managed to distil it into the following themes and potential topics.  

Beltane: Aligning with energies of growth | Sunday April 23 and Sunday May 7, 2023: 3-5pm EST

  • eco / nature writing as an ally for the natural world
  • deepening your creative connection with plant and animal beings
  • respecting and acknowledging the deities, spirits and stories of the land

Lughnasadh: Resting and first harvest | Sunday July 23 and Sunday August 6, 2023: 3-5pm EST

  • magical writing: spells and incantations (oh, my!)
  • writing by the cycles of the Moon
  • unpacking and working with Ursula K. LeGuin’s Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction

Samhain: Gratitude and ancestral connections | Sunday October 22 and Sunday November 5, 2023: 3-5pm EST

  • writing for ritual: writing your own invocations and quarter calls, honouring diety
  • establishing a creative connection with ancestors and spirits of place
  • using tarot and oracle cards in your writing practice

Imbolc: Tending to our dreams | Sunday January 28 and Sunday February 11, 2024: 3-5pm EST

  • learning to listen to and be inspired by your dreams
  • working with fairy tales and myths
  • finding community and sharing your work

It is our deepest hope that we can inspire and support more Witches to write and to share their work, especially during these challenging times. However, no matter what your interest as a writer or your practice as a Witch, this course will offer something new for you to learn.


This course helped me claim that I am a Witch and recognize how many parts of my life are rooted in nature and her cycles. ~ Kate

This class has been an anchor and reminded me how important my writing practice is. ~ Chantal


We will gather twice per season: Sunday afternoons from 3:00 – 5:00 pm EST the week before and the week after each celebration

Join us for the full turning of the wheel or individual sessions as you feel called.


Two 2-hour classes per Cross Quarter: Sunday afternoons 3:00 – 5:00 EST on Zoom

Each Cross Quarter: $125 CAD with a slide to $90 for two classes

Register: sophiaheathwodin@gmail.com

Sophia is a Priestess, teacher and Spiritual Mentor in private practice. She weaves together strands of a variety of Witchcraft traditions with 40+ years of Buddhist practices and psychotherapeutic training. Sophia listens deeply to The Earth and the plant allies, having spent 30+ years as a permaculturally inspired landscape designer. Sophia was a garden columnist from 1987 until 2006. She anchors A Writer’s Circle and Writers’ Mini Retreats. You can learn more about her and her work at: http://sophiabonniewodin.blogspot.com/p/about-sophia.html

Diane is a writer, editor, poet and Eco Witch (Reclaiming). Her company Wordsmith Writing and Editing Services supports the work of community groups and health organizations to communicate about social and health issues such as climate change, and mental and physical well-being. As she eases into her elder years, her writing is becoming more focused on crafting verses and stories (primarily for witches and pagans) that strive to echo the magical and mythic voices of the living land. Diane’s writing has been shared in a variety of venues in print, online and via social media. www.dianeperazzo.com.


  1. Thank you offering this and teaching others- and bringing voices to the witches of the world.

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