six poems for healing (with amara hollow bones)

six poems for healing is a poetry chapbook co-created by poet diane perazzo and artist amara hollow bones. it is a simple gathering of words and drawings to honour the healing power of the earth and her many beings.

all proceeds will be donated to support amara’s ongoing healing journey from breast cancer.

would it comfort you
to know that i too
have explored every surface
of my aching heart?

my own grief has textured it
with a rare and beautiful veracity
i have come to cherish and accept

excerpt from “message to a friend”

Reader reviews:

What a blessed gift for all of us and to the mystery, messiness and power of the healing process! A deep bow to you and amara for this creation of beauty, raw honesty, aliveness and transcendence. ~ Nancy Maddams, Ottawa

This book is a feast for the senses that will really pull you in. Mine arrived last week. Diane Perazzo absolutely rivals Mary Oliver as my favorite poet, and amara’s illustrations are gorgeous. ~ River Dandelion, Hammond Indiana

The poems and art contained within are a breath of air and the scent of earth. They are the flame that keeps the night bright and they flow on the page like water. Truly beautiful and moving, six poems for healing is a gorgeous treat for the spirit. I loved every word and every brush of Ink. Thank you Diane and Amara for this beautiful work of art. It moved me so much. ~ Jamieson Wolfe, Ottawa

Your book of poems was so wonderful to receive in the mail. The small book carries heart felt attention to detail and words evoking Nature’s turnings. ~ Abrah Arneson, Wakefield Quebec

ISBN: 978-1-7778787-0-2

published by wordsmith writing and editing services, 2021

$12CAD / $10US (plus mailing costs)

To order copies, please email or text: 613 324 5179.

Now also available at amara’s etsy shop.

may these words bring truth
and healing through open hands and hearts
and then, let the healing flow back into our mother earth
for the love of all her beings

blessed be