Sleep Spells

Listen now to the land’s long dreaming. Do you see what it is dreaming? It is dreaming you.

Sharon Blackie, If Women Rose Rooted

Sleep spells are specially selected poems (and one original fairy tale) that were inspired by whispers from the dreaming land. They are offered in a package here for you to read or to listen to before you fall asleep.

Who knows? Perhaps they might help connect you with the dreams of the anima mundi (the world soul). Or perhaps they might plant a seed that will grow into a mythic earth dream of your own . . .

Click on each of the images below and you will be led to a page on this website where you will find a recording of the poem being read aloud. You can read along while you listen, or simply close your eyes and let the words and music guide you to a deeper place where your own dreams might harmonize with the mythic voices of this beautiful earth.

1. Invocation
2. Incantation for the Planthroposcene
3. Old Nettle Woman
4. Dreaming with the Anima Mundi
5. Hylde-mođer (Elder Mother)
6. Mycelium and Memory
7. Goldenrod Grandmother

Cover artwork: Maddy O’Regan

Sleep Spells complete series in one recording: