Inspired by Joanna Macy’s cycle of active hope that transforms despair and apathy into constructive, collaborative action.

The roots of my gratitude are deep
I appreciate my health and my safe home
I am thankful for the care of loved ones and my community
I am blessed to have time to read this poem

The leaves and stem of my pain are strong
I mourn for the lives we have lost and may yet lose
I fear my own mortality and the anxiety buzzing in my brain
I regret not sharing more with those in need

The blossoms of my vision are bright
I believe we are all in this together
I understand how deeply we are connected with the natural world
I realize I have much to offer.

The seeds of my actions will travel
I will act to protect myself and my loved ones
I will reach out to those in need
I will remember this experience even after we recover

The strength of our active hope will sustain us all
May our gratitude comfort us
May our pain encourage us to seek help
May our vision open our eyes to climate change
May our actions bring an end to this virus

©Diane Finkle Perazzo March 2020

For more about active hope check out Joanna Macy’s work here:

Image credit: Dori Midnight