And so the earth began to soften
and the warming breezes came.
And everywhere down through the eons
of this green and grassy morning
women gathered in circles
to sing of Ostara’s easing.

And while they sang, joyful as birds,
they knelt on the cool dark earth
and planted seeds
in the moist and fertile soil.

Their voices rose in harmony
as the melting snow
quenched the first tiny shoots
that pushed through dark to light,
and turned their eager faces to the warming sun.

The women sang
as branches reached
and bark expanded
and tree buds loosened and unfurled.

They sang as the streams ran faster
and the sun shone higher and brighter.

They sang then and they still sing now.
And if you listen carefully,
you will hear their voices
in the sigh of the East wind
as it exhales Gaia’s first breath of spring.

Image source: Wendy Andrews