Full Moon on River Waters


We gather on a sultry summer evening
in the forest by the river.
Something wild is in the air.

As dusk falls,
our ears attune to
evening bird song
and the melody
of the breeze
in the tall fir trees

Our faces soften,
our bodies relax,
our minds let go,
and enchantment takes hold.

We cast a circle
and acknowledge the directions.
The curious forest fae
move in a little closer.
We can hear their whispers
in the wind song
and soon we join in too —

We all come from the Goddess . . .
and to her we shall return . . .
like a drop of rain . . .
flowing to the ocean.

We rise and walk through the forest,
down a rough dirt path—
closer and closer to the river
until we cross an abandoned railway track
and meet the river’s edge.

We sing as we walk —
The river is flowing, flowing and growing. . .
the river is flowing, down to the sea . . .
Mother Earth carry me, a child I will always be . . .
Mother Earth carry me, back to the sea.

One by one,
we help each other down ragged stone steps.
Our voices hush
and we plunge into the dark water
with a splash and a gasp,
or a neat and soundless dive.

One of us whoops and laughs in delight
as she feels the shock of cool water against her naked skin.

The river welcomes us as her daughters—
mermaids, nymphs and naiads.
And while we swim and float together,
a full Buck Moon rises.


If you enjoyed this poem you might also enjoy this beautiful song by Faeland.

Women have always known that the moon and water are allies and it is said than when women gather in circles, the earth heals a little more. And yes, healing happened on that night—of ourselves and of our small part of the earth. As we parted ways, the moon shone on, radiant above us, sending us home with her love and beauty.

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  1. Agh! I lost my password! But I did want you to know how lovely and touching your newly posted poem is. Of course so many of us have been there, done that, but you have captured the essence of the experience, Bringing me, the reader there with you in the moment. Thank you, Sophia

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  2. thank you for this reflection -it was indeed a buck beautiful night -a delight. I treasure those nights and we will do so again and again.

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