To bend πŸƒ

It is a favourite of the fae,
they say.
And yet
so spiky gray and down-to-earth,
the lavender in my spring garden
evades me–
thriving on benign neglect.

And then one bright green Gemini day
the sun reveals its tiny flowers,
and a crisp blue peppery scent
fills my mind with visions of love’s longing.

To shape πŸƒ

I close my eyes and watch as a young woman
tucks a hand-stitched lavender sachet
into the bodice of her silk gown.

She whispers,
Elf leaf, Cast Me Down,
Nardus and Spike.
I hear my lover calling,
Bring him to my sight.

To spark πŸƒ

There is a type of lavender
whose volatile oils
will burst into flame
in the summer sun.
Only then will their seeds germinate.

Is there any wonder
that such a tiny flower
can offer her such power?


Lavender’s enchanting scent and unique bloom spikes have been cherished for generations. Wild lavender is native to northeast Africa and the Mediterranean and there are hundreds of varieties grown by gardeners all over the world. Lavender is beloved for its scent which is commonly used in beauty products and household cleaners. Herbalists recommend it to relieve stress, promote sleep, heal wounds and improve digestion.

Image Source: Sarah Jane Humphrey The RHS Collection