What if there was a place, a 
place of refuge and reconciliation
where you could watch

from behind a moss-covered
mask, through branches
of cedar, as the Spring

was revealed by dazzling
sun that poured its
light through an infinite

sky? And what if your roots
could mutter your hope
through the dark and fertile

soil until all your doubts were
washed and filtered away by the
imminent ending of Winter?


  1. Watching Spring from a safe place, not being out in the middle of it. Yesterday I made a decision to be out there more, in the middle of it more. I did so yesterday and survived the day. I will let the sun shine on my face and the rain fall upon me. Who knows, I may splash in the puddles.

  2. Love this poem of sweet, deep wonderings! Set my imagination soaring. Grateful for your gift of words. ❤️

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