The Samhain Dance

One day I walked on Hollow Hill,
the autumn sun shone gold.
The air was crisp, the earth was lush
but I felt weak and old.

My heart was lonely on that day,
my mind was uninspired.
I dragged my feet along the path
my body worn and tired.

I saw an eagle stretch its wings
and circle in full flight.
It dipped and soared and sailed toward
the sun, and out of sight.

I walked down to the forest’s edge.
the path was worn and small.
A nightingale was singing low,
as dusk began to fall.

And as I strolled, the sun sank down
and dipped behind the veil.
The lengthened shadows beckoned me
into a fairy tale.

I slipped between the cedar trees,
their branches brushed my skin;
caressing like a lover’s touch
that welcomed me within.

And all around me I could feel
the forest letting go.
The leaves were drifting from the trees
on to the earth below.

I wandered deeper in the wood,
and then I heard the sound
of ancient drum beats further on;
their rhythm shook the ground.

And as I ventured closer still,
I heard a vibrant song.
The words I knew from long ago
their memory was still strong.

It was a tune that dipped and swirled,
then sounded high above.
It told of dreams, in days of old
and stories of true love.

It wasn’t long before I saw
a glowing light ahead.
I smelled the wood smoke in the air
and followed where it lead.

I found myself within a glade
and there a fire burned bright.
Its flames leapt up and sparks flew high
the trees were all alight.

The sound of drumming filled the air.
I felt it in my bones.
And round the fire there danced a group
of maidens and mothers and crones.

Their faces were as beautiful
as ever I had seen.
The fire lit their glowing skin,
their hair shone bright and clean.

They saw me there and beckoned me
to join their joyous dance.
Their voices rose in welcoming,
“You are not here by chance

We are the ones who came before,
our blood runs deep in you.
Tonight we sing of our great pride
in everything you do.

You have exceeded all our dreams.
Your effort’s not in vain.
You are the reason we are here,
to sing and dance again.”

My tired heart was lifted then
to hear their words so kind.
Their pride in me was all it took
to ease my troubled mind.

They took my hand and pulled me in
to join their circle round.
And so I danced the whole night through
and let their love abound.

And when I feel my heart sink low
I think back to that night
I danced together with my kin
who set my heart alight.

I am so grateful for their blood
and what they’ve given me.
For all they lived and loved and lost
is what has made me free.


This poem was inspired by all the beautiful, hard working women who make up my ancestral lineage. I am deeply grateful for their ongoing love and past sacrifices that have allowed me to live in a world where I can openly express my spirituality as a witch. 🖤🍃

I also dedicate this poem to Maria Saraphina who is guiding me in ancestral healing work and to my magical sister in spirit, Susanna Dare Brown, circle dancer, poet and dear one. ❤️🍃

Image: Royalty-free stock photo ID: 620130452: Silhouette of a woman dancing amongst a shower of fire sparks by Anne Richard


  1. Wonderful to be carried away by your rhyming rhythm. I could feel the cedars and drumbeat and see the fire surrounded by dancing sisters. . Thanks for crafting this journey with your powerful words. Blessed be

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