Holding on

The autumn wind ruffles
the feathered branches
of my neighbour’s Rowan tree.
It is laden now with orange berries
still holding fire from the summer sun.

The swaying branches move with confidence.
So self assured and safely tethered
to the strong and stable trunk.
The rich and heavy clumps of berries
lend a regal grace
to their buoyant dance.

It rained last night, and the bright
wet pendulous berry clusters
shimmer in the morning light. They are
startled by the breeze,
and hundreds of tiny water droplets
rain down and soak the warm earth below.

And in that instant I realize my own privilege
during this rich and juicy fruiting season.
These days, my life is lavish with love and abundance
and yet I still have the freedom to shake it all off if I choose.

Just knowing this is a gift I treasure—
but for now, like the Rowanberries,
I will hold on well into the winter.

Image: public domain


  1. This is so perfect – I may read it today at my thanksgiving party 1-4pm – I understand you can’t come? K

  2. Thank you Diane, for the powerful metaphor of human privilege – which is deeply interdependent with the natural world. Love and abundance, plus the freedom to shake it all off if we choose.

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