Quintessential Quarter Calls ~ For the Photosynthetic Ones

on let go
hold on let
go hold on let go
let go

Hold lightly and loosely
to the elemental essence
of the green and growing ones.
Let their vital spark
swirl through your fingers.
Let it weave and whirl
and twist and twirl.
Let it filter and flow
in a filament that spins
from your hands
into the open spaces around you

Reach out and touch the East
in new and dancing leaves
and in swaying grasses blown
by warm spring breezes.
East is in their gift to you of oxygen.
East is in your gift to them of carbon dioxide.

Welcome East. Welcome Air.

Reach out and touch the South
in summer sunlight that is captured
and transmuted into energy
that fills and nourishes the plants and trees.
South is in the blossoming of their flowers.
South is in their pollen and the honey of the hive.

Welcome South. Welcome Fire.

Reach out and touch the West
in sap that runs
through trunks and branches
and autumn rain that falls on
thirsty leaves. West is in the juice
of fruit that drips from beaks
of winged ones and sinks
back into earth
to be absorbed into the deepest of roots.

Welcome West. Welcome Water.

Reach out and touch the North
in the strength and stability
of stems and trunks
that stand tall and stay resolute
during the coldest and darkest of winter days.
North is in mulch and compost that feeds
the mycelial ones. North is in the the gentle pull of
roots below the earth.

Welcome North. Welcome Earth.

Reach out and touch the Center
in the seeds of life
which contain the spiraling essence
and the secrets of the healing
work of the herbs and trees
Center is in all they have been
and all they shall be.
Center is in the above and the below
and everything around us.

Welcome Center. Welcome Spirit.

Now pause for a moment
and sense the elemental messages as they are found in the photosynthetic ones.
Let them teach you their true names,
for that is where you will find the
magic that only you can hear.

May these words bring truth
and healing through our open hands and hearts.
Let it flow back into our Mother Earth
for the love of all her beings.

Image: Free vector art from Pixabay.


  1. That was beautiful Diane! I feel energized for being part of the poetic and energetic circle of life you described even for just a few moments. Thanks!

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