Dancing Past my Mother’s Time

As I reach the age of my mother’s death,
my memories turn backward and
forward in a spiral dance of
beginnings in endings
and endings in beginnings.
A pirouette of firsts and lasts
and all that took place
in between.

My thoughts return to carefree times —
An innocent first kiss,
first baby’s cry, first words, first steps
and endless summer days.

These cherished beginnings
loop and twirl in my mind
with bittersweet endings —
last days of holidays,
final wills and testaments,
thoughtless words
to loved ones
now long lost.

And as I stumble through the future steps
of dancing past my mother’s time,
may I treasure the cycles and spirals
of all my life has been till now
and revel in the beginnings and endings
of all that’s yet to come.

Image: “Spiral Dance” by Tina Escobar (used with permission)

Tina Escobar is a California artist best known for her vibrant imaginative art. She creates with acrylics, oil paints and watercolors. Her inspiration comes from nature and how she sees the world in vivid color. She loves sharing her experience by teaching art to kids and adults of all ages, and inspiring new artists. Tina is resident of La Quinta and a California Native. “My passion is art and my desire is to inspire.”

To see more of Tina’s work, visit: https://artistatheart.net/products/spiraldance


  1. Yes, it really is something to live past a parent’s time. To me, it feels like I have bundled up their wisdom and thrust it on into the future.
    I love the way that you conceive it in spirals.
    Thank you.

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