And so I drop
in deepest winter dreaming.
and decomposing,
drifting under
and within.

Descending into earth,
to drink its damp offering
and wander
along threads of mycelium and memory.

I clothe myself in remembrance
of green and growing Spring
wild leeks, wood nettle,
linden and service berries.

I revel in joys of blue and brilliant Summer
raspberries, rose hips,
mugwort and milkweed.

I savour gifts of gilded golden Fall
choke cherries and amaranth seeds,
burdock root, sumac, black walnuts
and Rowen berries picked after the first frost.

I carry these with me,
as I drift in an infinite eddy of

And in one exquisite instant
of spirals, cycles, and swirls,
their story is revealed to me.

I understand
how perfectly simple it all is.
And that my role
in that gentle whorl of love and death
and dark and light,
is both deeply valued
and completely insignificant.

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Image source: Desktop Nexus