Oat Straw Harvest Prayer

Oat straw ancient one
Milk of our Mother Gaia.
Thank you for soothing
and supporting us.
Thank you for giving us
the strength to lead
and the faith to follow.

Oat straw ancient one
Your nourishment builds our bones
and helps us stand straight and strong.
Your dusty milk
eases our worried minds
and gladdens our hearts.

Oat straw ancient one—
Your golden fields
drift in waves of love
for she whose gifts are never ending,
always mending,
helping us to carry on.


Oats (Avena sativa) are a deeply loved and nutritious plant that has been cultivated for tens of thousands of years. It is said that the Earth Goddess, Gaia was fed from the milk from milky oats when she was a baby. Oats are associated with strength and fertility and in Scandinavian countries, a bundle of oats is hung by the door for prosperity.

Oats are especially important to us during challenging and uncertain times.  They offer us calcium to build and strengthen our bones and drinking oat straw infusions over several weeks will enhance a sense of stability and well being.

Image:  Carl Larsson: “Havreskärning II”/”Havreskörd II” (Oat harvest II), 1915

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