Hawthorn by Lunaria Gold

Image: UATH Irish Ogham by Lunaria Gold
haga, haguoôrn
hagen-dorn, hagþorn

hawthorn heart opener
mayblossom when spring winds fly—
open my heart with your five-petaled flower.
i carry your heart

hawthorn heart breaker
quickthorn when summer cicadas sing—
pierce my heart with your sharpest dart.
i carry your heart

hawthorn heart mender
thornapple when autumn leaves turn to ground–
heal my heart with your bitter berry.
i carry your heart

hawthorn heart protector
hedgethorn when winter snows fall—
shelter my heart with your brittle branches.
i carry your heart

hawthorn heart weaver
hagthorn when deepest darkness takes me—
center my heart with your mythic medicine.
i carry your heart

i carry it in my heart


Hawthorn has a long history as a heart protector. When your heart is broken so badly that it hurts, hawthorn offers you medicine and protects you while you heal. Herbalists use hawthorn as a cardiotonic, relaxant and antioxidant herb. It can also help stabilize blood pressure, regulate cholesterol and reduce oxidative stress on your vascular system. (Source: Amber Westfall, The Wild Garden)

This poem is dedicated with love to my big-hearted husband and his complicated relationship with hawthorn. And a lower-case bow to my favourite poet ee cummings.

Oh and  . . this beautiful song by Craig Cardiff seems to belong here too.