Ferris Wheel
The greening had begun again. The lights had been out for more than five bitter winters and every year since then, spring revealed itself in more wanton glory — a long-awaited wonder of warmth after the never-ending ache of the winter’s frigid darkness. The sun rose earlier each day and spring slowly progressed. The plants and trees grew even more voluptuous. On the outskirts of the city the landscape became deeply buried in growth and vegetation that creeped in and around, over and under almost everything that had been.

And in the inner city, the cracks in the pavement of roads and sidewalks filled with copious weeds and grasses; and the brick walls of deserted buildings wore thicker coats of English ivy and Virginia creeper.  The perennial oriental lilies and orchids in suburban gardens were long gone, chocked out by goutweed, purple loosestrife, Norway maple, periwinkle and giant hogweed which had spread madly throughout the unmowed lawns.

image source: http://themetapicture.com/creepy-photos-of-abandoned-amusement-parks/