Macy stepped outside to join Amber behind the cabin.  Her sister seemed lost in thought, gazing down at a small brown object she held in her hand.  She was smiling and for a brief moment her face softened and the stress, fear and frustration melted from her features and Amber seemed content.  She turned and lifted her hand to show Macy a rusty penny which lay in her palm.

“I was thinking about when Tomi was a little boy,” she said.  “Remember how silly he used to get?  How he would practice magic tricks over and over again and then they would never work when he showed them to us?”

Macy grinned, “What a goof he was.  Magic was a simple thing back then wasn’t it?  It was something we played games with, something that we thought we could control—an amusement for the little ones.”

How things had changed since the lights had gone out and the Mentara had risen.