To Love a Fox

You must have held a fox
and felt its heartbeat near your breast
to recognize how sunlight
sculpts the morning dew
that glitters frozen
on the brittle yellow grass

You must have buried your nose in its musty fur
and kissed a fox to feel your core
tugged by the gravity
that calls the snowflakes
from the clouds and gathers them
to rest on cedar branches

And then you must have freed that fox
and watched as snow erased the tracks
that lead into the forest’s edge
and back to the hidden heart of winter

The images that accompany this poem are by Elizabeth Cooper, an Ottawa artist of magical, enchanted paintings celebrating the female spirit. Elizabeth works primarily in mixed media, combining a variety of mediums – from acrylic to gold leaf – finishing each piece with a luscious layer of oil paint.

Elizabeth characterizes her style as whimsical abstract realism. Each painting is strongly female-centred and magical. The figures in her work are vulnerable, ethereal, enigmatic and fierce and they always project an innate sense of strength and independence.

You can see more of her work on her website:

Image left: Winter’s Heart by Elizabeth Cooper

Images used with permission.

May these words bring truth
and healing through open hands and hearts.
And then, let it flow back into our Mother Earth
for the love of all her beings.


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