A Blessing for the Witches

May you feel the fullness of the moon in your belly,
and the warmth of the sun in your heart.

May the air bring clarity to your intentions,
and send your spells on the wings of birds.

May the fire bring passion to your ambitions,
and open your heart to love freely and without fear.

May the sacred waters cleanse your loving soul,
and bring joyful music to your celebrations.

May the earth strengthen your body,
and give you the resilience to support your community.

May the spirit enchant your days,
and charge your dreams with deep magic.

May all that is above and all that is below witness your workings,
as you stir the cauldron dark and deep.

And may the Goddess guide you
as you walk the path of truth and justice.

Image of woman holding a tree: Apologies to an artist unknown.


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