wind in hair
that flies with breath of morning
bluebird calling
sunrise song

everything begins again

heat in heart
that aches with love of noonday
cackling grackles fly about
indigo flashing
passion pulsing

there is a time to work and grow

rain on skin
and love at tender twilight
mockingbirds are cooing comfort
singing, sighing
settling in

this was supposed to be

stand your ground
and burrow into darkness
hide yourself in deepest stone
midnight crows sail past the moon

there is relief in rest

round and round
and round
it spirals — breath of
is warmed by sparks of
flowing through the
of wonder to
which leads to

there is a middle ground

As witches we honour five elements that correspond to the five directions: air (east), fire (south), water (west), earth (north) and spirit (centre).  The directions form a spiral that inform all aspects of our lives.

photo adapted from original by kevinrussmobile