Daisy Chain

turn your innocent face to the sky
my little love child
with your sun centre and
petals of purest white

your golden spiraled heart
spins my mind in
Fibbonacci whirls that
whisper the magic of the universe


where 1 + 1
is dark and light

and 1 + 2
is maiden, mother and crone

and 2 + 3
is five points of a pentacle

and 3 + 5
is eight Sabbats on a wheel

and 5 + 8
is thirteen moon cycles


on + on
and again
through notes of Bartók
and drum beats of Lateralus
into the infinite arms of spiral galaxies


May these words bring truth
and healing through open hands and hearts. 
And then, let it flow back into our Mother Earth
for the love of all her beings.

Bellis perennis, the English daisy (originally from day’s eye) is also known as lawn daisy, bruisewort or woundwort. Our lovely daisy may seem diminutive, but she is full of mystery and magic. Her centre, or floral disc is an expression the Fibonaccian “Golden Ratio”  series and the number of her petals (as with almost all flowering plants) are always Fibonacci numbers.

Fibonacci patterns can also be found in music, most notably classical compositions by Bartók and the brilliant Tool song Lateralus which contains multiple expressions.

Photo: Diane Perazzo


  1. Fantastic Diane! As a science geek, it’s the most beautiful reveal of the Fibonacci series I’ve ever read.

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