* listen *

By air and sky and deep blue mountain lake,
By sturdiness of soil and heat of passion’s flame.
By rough bark and strong trunk,
Deep roots and ever-widening branches.
By the wind and by the rain.

Shrug off your heavy cloak my darling,
Shake off the weight of your days.
Let go of your burden, slip out of your fear,
Release your inhibitions and go deep and deeper
Until dropped and open, you step into this magical sphere.

Open yourself to our Mother.
Open to her pain and to her bliss.
Lean into the edge of her love and longing.
And fall forward into the deepest darkness of her kiss.

Drop down into the blackness
Slowly float into the depths of her devotion.
Experience the ecstasy of her grief and her glory
And let it take you to the magnificent river that will pull you
Into the truth of your belonging.

Now you are a wave rider,
Now you are the wave,
Now you are the force of love that will heal all wounds.

You must believe first,
And then remember this message:
You are deeply loved.
Your love is desired and valued.
Nothing will ever separate you from the sacred body of the earth,
Nothing will stop you from knowing her immensity.

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This poem was written for my dear friend Karen Keskinen on her 50th birthday.

Music accompanying reading: Clarach by Seckou Keita and Catrin Finch from the album SOAR

Image credit: Unknown (with gratitude and apologies to the artist.)


  1. thank you dear sister -you have awakened much of what sleeps in me. I am so filled up with this that I could cry. thank you for your blessings.

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