Softly settling

dark spiral

There is a place within,
Where faded thoughts
Of loves lost and pain gained
Rest in quiet settling.

And there are times when
I tumble forward into this solemn space,
Dropped and open,
Free falling into its inky blackness.

I open my arms and legs wide and
Slowly swirl like a five-pointed pentagram,
Drifting softly down through the mists of my memory.

And there I find
Repose in the deep love and longing,
Solace where my soul rests,
And comfort there
in the depths of my silence.

Image source: Fractal texture dark web abstract nether world abyss blue grey light wallpaper


7 thoughts on “Softly settling

  1. Whoah! Powerful. And deeply gorgeous.

    Your poem has grown ever deeper. It would seem that the work with Karina really speaks to you. The version of Sounds of Silence that you chose speaks volumes. To your pain to your coming to terms with pain to your triumph of coming home to yourself.

    It’s interesting because you have been SO on my mind today! I had intended to write wishes you a peaceful day. But your beat me to it, giving yourself a powerful day instead. Kudoes!

    and love, Sophia


  2. Beautiful poem — very peaceful and warm. I love having the ability to be silent and to be in silence – as rare as that is. I also love that version of Sounds of Silence.

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