Invoking Air


We are wings;
We are feathers;
We are feathered earrings;
We are arrows.

We drink the air, we taste the air;
we are floating
on currents of air.

Our breathing is in waves; air flows in, air flows out;
It becomes the oxygen in our blood.

Our breath is everywhere;
Our air is everywhere;
We breathe each other’s air;
We pass our air in and among, around and between us.
We breathe each other’s spirit.

We inspire, we aspire, we are spires.
We are delphiniums.

We are expanding in the air;
We are open to every possibility of the air;
We are carrying hope and healing on the air.

We are the music that flows on the air;
We are the air in the space between the notes;
We beat our rhythm on the air,
We are jammin’ witches;
Playin’ strange and beautiful music of the soul.

Welcome Air.
Welcome East.


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