Sailing on the shores of nevermore

I will say it as it is
Although it never shall be
It’s the thing that lies within
And yet is outside of me.

It is a tune,
It is the moon,
It is a sigh times three.
It is the essence of control
And yet it never shall be.

It is around the end of time
It is my soul
It is our rhyme
It is the over and the under
And the deep blue sea.

You can call it what it is
You can laugh and turn your eye.
You can slide wet fingers o’er my skin
And tell me it’s a lie.

But in your heart and soul
It will flow and it will roll
Until the over and the under
Throws you out onto the shore.

And the waves will wash you clean
And the tides will drift between
It is the sailing and the flailing
On the shores of nevermore.

Image: Rafal Oblinski

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