What did we call her?
Because we knew she would be fearless and strong
and would live and love with a wildness and awesome beauty that we longed to bring back into our lives.

And as she grew she pushed us, stretched our limits, mined our depths and revealed the worst in us,
(teeth-gritting, chain-pulling, uncontrolled, fear-based fury that caused us to question her safety and ours)
and also revealed the best in us
(heart-swelling, soul-melting devotion that will ensure we never let her go).

She is a Rottweiler after all . . .

And yes, sometimes she is an untamed beast that zooms around and makes us cringe and shout and cross our arms and turn our backs
and then
she flops on the floor and looks up at us and we remember that
although she is capable, she has never harmed a soul.

She is our baby, our beautiful dog child
our princess and our perfect storm.

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