To Selene

Moon Goddess Selene

Cycles and circles; darkness and light.
Lovers unite and waters flow within and in spite
Of the brick and concrete walls that we sit within.
Helene brings us on a journey from science to myth.
And rings, sings, pings a bell thrice.
The smoke drifts
In through our bodies and subtly changes us.
We close our eyes and hear a deep boom as the concrete walls dissolve.
For once and forever, in this moment and never
The constellations envelope us
With their infinite beauty.
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Ambient at Beltaine

DSC_6602 (2)

I am ambient.
And I blend
As I move forward into the past and back towards the future.
My life is a chance
A shared expression of all that I wished for and can never be.
In through the out door, back through the front door.
Over and under
Outside and in
I am recreating I am digging and rooting I am
Reinventing myself as I move
Under and over.
Outside and in.