Published Work


Incantation for the Planthroposcene, April 2021. For the Wild Podcast Newsletter

Sleeping Beauty * Pandemic Third Wave ~ Feminism and Religion Blog, April 24, 2021

Sleep Spells: Poems for Dreaming ~ Witch School Canada Blog, April 2021

Quarantine Dreaming ~ Could This Be the Last Time: A collection of poems on pandemics, places, and everything. Apt613 National Poetry Month April 2020

A Cry for Gwyl Awst: The Harvest Time has Come ~ The Reclaiming Cauldron: A Journal of Magic, Creativity and Action, Reclaiming Quarterly and, July 2020

Downsizing ~ GUEST [A journal of guest editors], above/ground press, April 2020

Mycelium and Memory ~ Earth Activist Training Blog, September 2019; Mother Earth Natural Health Newsletter, September 2020.

Other writing

Sleeping Beauty: An Ancient Tale for these Challenging Times ~ April 24, 2021 Feminism and Religion Blog

Eating by the Phases of the Moon ~ Practically Pagan: An Introduction to Alternative Guides to Living. Moon Books, May 2021. ISBN 978-1-78904-893-3


A Secret in the Ravine, Kindle Edition

A Secret in the Ravine is a novel about a 12 year old boy who stumbles upon a portal in the Toronto ravine that connects him with an alternate dimension called Natura. The geography of the world Paul discovers resembles his own, except as it might be if humans had not evolved to become the dominant species. In Natura, all animals have developed a social structure and a common language that allows them to communicate together.

Paul befriends a group of animals and discovers that environmental damage from his world is seeping into Natura and having a harmful effect on the animals and their world. The animals offer to show Paul how to return to his world if he agrees to help them.

At first, Paul doesn’t want to help the animals, but he overcomes his reluctance and fears and ultimately is able to save their world.


Getting Back on Track: Life After Treatment

A guidebook published by Princess Margaret Hospital, University Health Network that uses non-medical terms to help breast cancer patients cope with the physical, psychological and practical concerns they may face long after completion of active treatment.

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