Persephone Hesitates

I watch
the April snow
float from the sky like tiny feathers,
settling white, refracting the Spring light.
Indifferent to the green and growing grass.

Each flake a single miracle of six-fold symmetry
that dissolves in an instant on budding
branches and among the tangled
twigs of birds’ nests.

tulips in
my garden
seem undaunted.
And the hardy

Like Persephone, they too have spent the winter
underground. And so I wonder if perhaps they understand
how hard it was for her to burst into the light.
And why the Maiden Goddess might
return back to her lover,
for one more
winter night.

May these words bring truth
and healing through open hands and hearts.
And then, let it flow back into our Mother Earth
for the love of all her beings.

Photo: Diane Perazzo


  1. My tulips seem to have succumbed to the cold, they bend down and hug the earth. Let’s hope the warmth of spring remembers to return to our corner of the Earth……soon

  2. Very powerful, sistah!  Persephone is one of my Maiden Goddesses; I am closer only to Artemis.  I have my own stories about her. And this is yet another.  Thank you for sharing it!  Be well. xoxo Kate

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